Black Friday Bundle: Dumplings, Wontons & Taiyaki

Going, going, gone–SOLD OUT!
We'll let Ken know to prep some more.

For Black Friday, we're releasing 3 limited edition, boldly coloured and flavoured goodies.

The limited release dumplings, wontons, and taiyaki are inspired by our favourite black ingredients. Black bean, black sesame, black cloud ear mushrooms, and activated charcoal–it counts!

Only available from November 23-30.

This freshly frozen bundle includes:

1 x Dumps (18 pcs)
Black cloud ear and chicken dumplings

1 x Wontons (15 pcs)
Black Bean, black cloud ear, and shiitake wontons

1 x Taiyaki (2 pcs)
Black sesame, red bean, pear, and activated charcoal taiyaki