All deliveries are made on Sundays between 11am-5pm.

Order before 11:59pm Friday for free delivery that Sunday between 11am-5pm.

We apologize for the long time slot. With more orders coming in, it is taking a little longer to deliver.

All local pick-ups are at Goji Studio.

150 Gainsborough Road (Down a small road next to No Frills, Look for the bright Red Door), Tuesday - Saturday from 10:00am-3:30pm.
We'll send an email when your order is ready for pick-up.
Please pick-up your order within 7 days. 


  • Delivery area →
    City of Toronto (most of), North York, Richmond Hill, Thornhill.
    If you’re outside of the radius please contact info@kmarket.ca for alternatives or exceptions.


  • Minimum order

    There's a $45 minimum for all delivery orders.
    Good news is that you get free delivery if you're within our delivery area!
  • Where to buy in store

    You can find select k.Market items at our Stockist locations here
  • You can find select k.Market items at our Stockist locations here
  • Does any of the food contain nuts?

    None! There’s plenty of gluten but no nuts. We do not use or store any nuts in the kitchen. 
  • What happens if we aren’t home during the delivery window?

    Leave a cooler or insulated bag out and ideally in some shade. If you live in a building and have a concierge, let them know that you’re expecting a delivery and leave a cooler or insulated bag with your name on it.

    If all fails and products can not be left in a secure spot, they will be held at a pickup location for you to grab at a later date.

    Deliveries will only happen once.