Custom Experiences For Your Team with Chef Ken

Reinforce team culture with an unforgettable culinary outing

Bring your team together virtually or in-person for a memorable culinary experience with Chef Ken. Whether as an offsite event, social, or team-building, not only is it fun and delicious, but it’ll also help strengthen your team’s connections with each other. 

Your event can include:

  • A cooking demonstration
  • Dumpling-making lessons, including hand-packed kits with everything needed
  • A custom private chef experience

For private chef experiences:

  • First, consider what style of meal would you prefer: casual or elegant?
  • Next, how many team members will be attending?
  • Then, you’ll work with Chef Ken to create the menu, drawing from Chef Ken’s knowledge of Western and Asian cuisine
  • Lastly, where would you like to host this? This experience could be at your office, or on-site Sundays at Fiorentina

For lessons:

  • Choose whether this experience is virtual or on-site
  • Classes can accommodate all levels of cooking abilities, from making your own wrappers to ready-to-go kits
  • Chef Ken will arrive at your door with everything needed, or, for online experiences, prep kits will be delivered the day-of
  • Is there eating? Absolutely! No one will leave hungry, that’s for sure. 

You can choose to do it virtually, on-site at your office, or hosted by Chef Ken. (Why deal with clean up?)

Experiences require a minimum of 15 people, and we’ll work with you for pricing that fits within your budget. 

For more information on how to create that special experience, kindly fill out the contact form and start it off by telling me what your favourite thing to eat is! 

Book today and customize your own Chef Experience over a 1-on-1 call.