k.Market celebrates handmade Asian food by delivering fun, familiar flavours straight to your door.

It started with handmade and hand-rolled dumps and evolved to pantry staples like the Yau’s Everything Sauce and Everything Seasoning. Each recipe honours a part of my childhood (Mama Yau's Big Zongzi), a part of tradition, and a part of cooking in some of the greatest kitchens around the world.

My hope for k.Market is to encourage everyone to have more fun when cooking. You can mix and match pantry items with dumps or fried rice to create something new and delicious. We’ve done all the prep work so that you can enjoy the best part–eating!

Cook. Eat. Share.

- ken

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About Chef Ken Yau

Yau began his career in Toronto, working at Scaramouche and Nota Bene. From there, his career has taken him around the world, including the UK, to work at three-Michelin star restaurant The Fat Duck. From there, he helped to launch The Fat Duck in Melbourne, Australia, and then to Hong Kong, to work at Liberty Private Works. He takes inspiration from his travels, his mother’s cooking and the joy of community.