Braised Pork Belly - Lychee, Plums, Perilla


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This isn't your typical braised pork belly with lots soy and rock sugar. It's inspired by ingredients spanning 3 countries to bring you something light and fresh!

The flavours are built up from Lychee (Cantonese), Perilla leaves (Korean), and umeboshi (Japanese). Sweet and a hint of tartness to balance the fatty pork belly. All three countries are brought together with the glutenous rice wine which is present across all three cultures, adding another layer of sweetness and harmony.

Best served with Papa Yau's Fried Rice 🍚

2 Servings (230g of Belly)


Pork belly, lychee, perilla leaves, salted plum, soy, sugar, salt, glutenous rice wine, water


Cook from frozen do not defrost. All ingredients and pork belly are fully cooked.

Defrost in a pot - Cook time 10-15mins

  1. On low heat, gently melt the contents until fully defrosted. DO NOT pull the pork belly apart or defrost on high heat. 
  2. Once all liquid has defrosted and pork has separated, cook on high heat for 1 min to boil the sauce and glaze the pork belly. 
  3. Plate in a shallow bowl. 
  4. Best enjoyed with plain steamed rice.