Popping up at Lake Inez for the first Sabbatical Sundays!

Popping up at Lake Inez for the first Sabbatical Sundays!

Lake Inez is one of those wonderful spots that evoke Toronto. (If you've never experienced an Inez weird wine club, it's a truly glorious thing.) On Sunday, Chef Ken cooked up a five-course dinner to kick off Inez's new wine club pop-up series, Sabbatical Sundays. 

Here's a quick tour of the night. First up, the patio looking cozy af.


The menu started with pickles to whet the appetite with daikon, shiitake, celeriac, and carrot, topped with sprouts.

Next, there were wings in a molasses, lime leaf, and lemongrass sauce and then tossed in a fried batter bits. Zac began pouring some pretty special wines to go with each course.

Roasted wings on a tray

Pan-fried pork and chive dumplings were next, perfect on their own and also lovely dipped in Everything Sauce. Followed by beef fat fried rice, topped with salted duck egg yolk, a nod to the common mooncake filling for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Plated pan-fried pork and chives dumplings

Plated fried rice topped with salted duck egg yolk
And to finish things off, everyone received a taiyaki, a light and fluffy waffle treat filled with winter melon and red bean.

Lining up taiyaki!

A huge thank you to Zac and crew and everyone who showed up! It was such an awesome experience for the first public event of 2021. Make sure to follow Lake Inez on Instagram—oh, and I guess us too if you aren't already haha.

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