Introducing Dumps & _____!

Introducing Dumps & _____!

We had our first in-person event last night, and it was a soft launch of our Dumps & ____ series! We know that dumps can go well with everything, so it's a simple challenge to pair it with fun and unusual things. The events will be happening at our new home at Fiorentina, where you can also come to pick-up for online orders as well as do in-store shopping.

For Dumps & Bubbles, Chef Ken served a cremant de limoux, along with a meal that included lemongrass chicken wings, eggplant and beef ravioli, fried rice, and finished with a poached pear ice cream. 

lemongrass chicken wings

beef and eggplant ravioli

fried rice

poached pear ice creamWe'll be launching our public Dumps & _____ soon! Sign up for the newsletter to learn about it right in your inbox. And feel free to suggest pretty much anything or tag a business that might pair up!