Changes to our wonton recipe!

Changes to our wonton recipe!

Feedback is a gift! No, honestly, while sometimes hearing feedback can be tough, it's also the best way to learn and grow. We heard that the frozen wontons were delicious, but that sometimes they arrived a bit damaged.

The solution? After some careful experimentation in the k.Market lab, the answer was to make the wontons larger in size! This way not only are they less prone to breakage from delivery and cooking, but also we can pack in more filling, so you can get more value for your buck.

Ken's brought back our two best sellers, char siu pork wontons and red Thai prawn curry thai wontons, in limited quantities. 

We've also heard from those of you with dietary restrictions. The new wrappers don’t contain egg anymore, and we're tinkering hard to work on a tasty vegan wonton, perfect for the cold, wintry months ahead. (Although let's be honest, wontons are great any time of the year!)

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